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COPR repos with newer SSSD versions for RHEL-5 and RHEL-6

Two interesting COPR repos with SSSD packages were made available recently.

One was prepared by Stephen Gallagher and contains SSSD 1.9.x for RHEL-5. I created the other one with SSSD 1.11 built for RHEL-6. I'd love to see test reports for the RHEL-6 repo, as we are considering upgrading to 1.11 in RHEL-6.6.

For more details on the repos see the announcements on sssd-devel about both Stephen's and mine repos.

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CentOS 6.5 - libldb errors

What are the dependencies for this package? It doesn't work out of the box for me - It's complaining about missing ldb modules. I'm specifically trying to join a Samba 4 AD PDC. (sernet-samba-ad)

Re: CentOS 6.5 - libldb errors

doh... forgot to remove samba-common and other legacy samba stuff - i seem to have sssd working without needing this

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